Thursday, December 11, 2008

Online applications & tools

I really, really, really like google docs. At the moment we share a common drive on the library server & only one person can edit or contribute to it a time. How much time would be saved in day to day word processing etc if we could all access a document at the same time? We could have our roster, for example, online which would allow our casual/volunteer staff to look at the roster online at home & not ring or come & see us to confirm work. (that's if I'm on the right track with this) or if we're all consulting on updating a policy or creating a new one, we could all be contributing ideas & editing at once. So much more convenient. Quite impressed - one question though? How secure is this? Can it be locked down so only designated people can access it?

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pls@slnsw said...

Security is a good question - I notice that the advertising is targetted when I'm using Google Docs so I wouldn't describe it as totally secure - but for the type of information we deal with most of the time it's probably not an issue.

Mylee (PLS)