Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Post 1

I'm hoping to learn about some new uses for various technologies - i.e. introducing a YA blog or a list of upcoming events, readers advisory. I'm looking forward to undertaking a program that is going to increase my brain use - don't seem to be using too many of my brain cells, in any way that should be stretching my grey matter. I'm hoping that learning 2.0 will be good for my professional development.

Professionally I think we have a responsibility to our patrons to keep up to date with the changes in information provision & access so that we are able to provide information in formats that quite a few people have regular access to.

I enjoyed Stephen Fry's clip - the more computer savvy of us are able to locate information or 'lost' material on the internet fairly easily. Those of us (me) who use the net for the same thing all the time aren't actually using the available information to the extent that we could be. I use it daily for email, reference questions, regular stuff like checking the weather but don't very often venture out of my comfort zone.

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